Nabeelah & Wafiq, Chapman’s Peak

Nabeelah & Wafiq, Chapman’s Peak

All I can say is wow! Beautiful couple Nabeelah & Wafiq are both doctors, so to get their schedules to align, we braved the wind on a cool Wednesday evening in August on Chapman’s Peak in Hout Bay, Cape Town. Although we were freezing up there and had to re-take so many photos because of the gale force wind blowing her gorgeous long hair, the result was totally worth it!

Plan B was the City Library if it would start raining, which it didn’t, but we decided as we are going that way back home anyway to take a few shots there as well. We had pretty much everyone looking up from their books while studying as Nabeelah made her way down the aisles in her show-stopping gold sequin dress!

Thank you for trusting me for your engagement photos, you both were superstars to brave these conditions and it was such a pleasure to work with you. I am so excited to be photographing your wedding soon in Cape Town and Stellenbosch!

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