LEOUMÉ, Laatson Porterville | LINDA VOS | Cape Town Wedding Photographer
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LEOUMÉ, Laatson Porterville

LEOUMÉ, Laatson Porterville

Post-wedding shoots are always great fun and also a great way to get stunning images in your dress for one last time. Leoumé decided to go the extra mile and do a trash-the-dress in the waterfall!

The water was extremely cold and it was not as easy as it seems to move around in a wet and heavy wedding dress but it was worth it as we got the most glamorous images! She also had some beautiful images to add to her wedding album – something different that you don’t see every day! Leoumé & André’s wedding was at Laatson Wedding Venue in Porterville, click here to see their images from the wedding. 

As a photographer it was not an easy task either, we had to climb quite far with loads of gear to get to the waterfall. I also had to move around in the water with very expensive camera and lighting gear, and had to focus extra hard to watch my step and move slowly as the tiniest mistake could send my gear to a watery grave! Nonetheless everyone enjoyed the shoot and we got home very wet and dirty.

Here are my favourite images from the shoot!

001-Leoume-Trash-the-dress-porterville- 002-Leoume-Trash-the-dress-porterville- 003-Leoume-Trash-the-dress-porterville- 004-Leoume-Trash-the-dress-porterville- 005-Leoume-Trash-the-dress-porterville- 006-Leoume-Trash-the-dress-porterville- 007-Leoume-Trash-the-dress-porterville-009-Leoume-Trash-the-dress-porterville- 008-Leoume-Trash-the-dress-porterville-011-Leoume-Trash-the-dress-porterville- 012-Leoume-Trash-the-dress-porterville- 013-Leoume-Trash-the-dress-porterville- 014-Leoume-Trash-the-dress-porterville- 015-Leoume-Trash-the-dress-porterville- 016-Leoume-Trash-the-dress-porterville- 017-Leoume-Trash-the-dress-porterville- 018-Leoume-Trash-the-dress-porterville- 019-Leoume-Trash-the-dress-porterville- 020-Leoume-Trash-the-dress-porterville- 021-Leoume-Trash-the-dress-porterville- 022-Leoume-Trash-the-dress-porterville- 023-Leoume-Trash-the-dress-porterville- 024-Leoume-Trash-the-dress-porterville- 025-Leoume-Trash-the-dress-porterville- 026-Leoume-Trash-the-dress-porterville- 027-Leoume-Trash-the-dress-porterville- 028-Leoume-Trash-the-dress-porterville- 029-Leoume-Trash-the-dress-porterville- 030-Leoume-Trash-the-dress-porterville- 031-Leoume-Trash-the-dress-porterville-