Jani & Hugo Engagement | LINDA VOS | Cape Town Wedding Photographer
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Jani & Hugo Engagement

Jani & Hugo Engagement

It is always amazing to have clients who I’ve worked with before, and in this case Jani was a bridesmaid at a previous wedding. I knew exactly how stunning she was inside and out, so I was literally jumping up and down with excitement when she called me to book her own wedding one year later! 

I had so much fun photographing Jani & Hugo in their slightly vintage themed engagement shoot. Jani has a very glamorous and sophisticated look, so I really worked with it to get something unique – especially as the venue really complimented the look and feel. Jani loves all things vintage and glamorous, while Hugo is more of a modern guy – so we did a part two outside for some more romantic shots with some gorgeous stormy clouds ending off the day. How gorgeous is her ring! I am looking forward to their wedding at Le Souvenir  soon!

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