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MEGAN & WERNER, Cullinan

MEGAN & WERNER, Cullinan

I was only going to place new work on my site, but this wedding I did a while back has a special place in my heart and I felt it deserved another mention!

I will never forget her words when I spoke to Megan for the first time: “If my dad can’t walk me down the aisle, I won’t walk down the aisle.”

The small group of 30 wedding guests all went in together at the beautiful Presbyterian church in the mining town of Cullinan. Her bouquet was beautifully finished with a ribbon and a small frame with a photo of her dad who unfortunately passed away a few months before the wedding.

Megan & Werner, who is a chef, celebrated love and good food with a simple and intimate morning wedding on 28 April 2012. She made everything herself, with special personal touches. The couple wanted a vintage feel to their photos, but I was warned – no fake picnics, props or balloons!

What an experience to work with someone so down to earth, and so excited about her photos. It was truly a beautiful day that everyone will remember – never have I seen a couple as in love as these two. It was literally hard to get them apart and they are the perfect example of what true love should be like.

MeganWerner_001 MeganWerner_002 MeganWerner_003 MeganWerner_004 MeganWerner_005 MeganWerner_006 MeganWerner_007 MeganWerner_008 MeganWerner_009 MeganWerner_010 MeganWerner_011 MeganWerner_012 MeganWerner_013 MeganWerner_014 MeganWerner_015 MeganWerner_016 MeganWerner_017 MeganWerner_018 MeganWerner_019 MeganWerner_020 MeganWerner_021 MeganWerner_022 MeganWerner_023 MeganWerner_024 MeganWerner_025 MeganWerner_026 MeganWerner_028

Venue: As Greek As It Gets, Cullinan
Second Photographer: Maurice Carpede