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Stefan & Hanlie recently had their first wedding anniversary, and celebrated it with a fun but glamorous post-wedding photo session. She wore three beautiful dresses,and “trashed” this one in the water.

See Part 1 HERE.

It was a very difficult session especially with equipment near and in the water – luckily we survived and lived to tell a story with great images!

These sessions are great fun and a great way to add some glamorous images to your wedding album, or a great chance to wear your dress again without the pressure of the wedding day. It also allows you to to things you would never do on the wedding itself, or just a great anniversary shoot like Hanlie & Stefan did!

 Hanlie-Stefan-0067 Hanlie-Stefan-0074 Hanlie-Stefan-0068 Hanlie-Stefan-0069 Hanlie-Stefan-0071 Hanlie-Stefan-0076 Hanlie-Stefan-0077 Hanlie-Stefan-0078 Hanlie-Stefan-0079 Hanlie-Stefan-0082 Hanlie-Stefan-0085 Hanlie-Stefan-0086 Hanlie-Stefan-0087 Hanlie-Stefan-0088 Hanlie-Stefan-0089 Hanlie-Stefan-0090 Hanlie-Stefan-0091 Hanlie-Stefan-0092 Hanlie-Stefan-0095 Hanlie-Stefan-0097 Hanlie-Stefan-0099

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