• Discuss what you will be wearing with your photographer. Let them know about colours, styles, accessories etc. If you plan on doing a styled shoot, for example a 60’s theme, make sure you research the theme well and dress accordingly.
  • There are some exceptions, but as a general rule avoid branded clothing, over the top colours, glitter/too much bling and fine polkadots & stripes. Wear something you feel comfortable in, if you feel akward it will show in the photographs. For ladies I always encourage wearing dresses instead of jeans as they look very feminine and makes posing a lot easier.
  • Heels are also great for confidence and posture and adds glamour to any shoot. Be sure to bring flats to move around in, especially in rugged locations.
  • Coordinate your outfits to compliment each other, but don’t try to match exactly. For example don’t wear a green dress and a green shirt, or both white t-shirts. Florals/patterns also work well if combined with plain colours in the other. If both are in bold prints it will look too busy. If you are unsure, ask your photographer for input, or bring more options to the shoot. Don’t be afraid of hats, scarves, bold earrings, neckties etc. but don’t overdo it!

Location: Your photographer may have some suggestions, but when doing a family, couple, engagement or even matric farewell shoot, try thinking of locations that are special to you. There may be a dirt road where you love to go cycling, a family farm, the place where he proposed or your favourite coffee shop. Playgrounds, streets, gaming arcades or bowling. Think of activities you like to do together, instead of just posing in an open field. You may also use this opportunity to dress up and do a classy and glamourous shoot in a beautiful venue. The choice is yours. Just remember that you are responsible to get permission to shoot at your desired location.

Props: I am not fond of using excessive props in photoshoots, but props can be something as simple as hats or bicycles. Discuss this with your photographer beforehand. If you bring young children, be sure to bring something they like! You are also welcome to bring pets, depending on the location. The options are endless.

Body & Face:

  • Beware of moisturizer with SPF, it causes shiny skin especially with the use of flash. You can get away with a bit more powder than usual for photos. Be careful of sunburn in the days before the shoot.

Nails: If you wear nail polish, give it a fresh coat on the day to make sure it is not chipped.

Posing: Your photographer will give you guidance, but also remember to bring a bit of attitude! Shooting will be in a relaxed environment and loads of fun, but we will also need to give it our all to get the best out of it.

Make up: If you have a budget for this, it will definitely benefit your photos to have your hair and make-up professionally done. Some ladies go for their wedding day trial make-up on this day.

  • If you will be doing your own make-up, keep your concealer matte or use powder to finish your look. There is nothing worse than shiny skin in photos – it ages you and shows blemishes a lot easier. What can be edited is limited as excessive editing brings a plastic look. Be careful of hard and excessive eyeliner and avoid glitter in make up and hair.

Shoot day:

  • Know the location of the shoot and how to get there, or arrange to meet somewhere and go from there.
  • Make all arrangements at least one week before the shoot to avoid last minute mishaps. Make sure you know what to bring, what is expected of you and what time you need to meet. Do not be late as location shoots are dependent on light and will be planned accordingly.
  • Make sure too eat something before the shoot, you will need your energy! Feel free to bring snacks if you feel you will need it as well as a water bottle.
  • If it is an engagement shoot, bring your ring! This may sound like a logical thing to do, but you would be surprised how many couples don’t bring the ring to the shoot!

Formalities: Make sure your contract is signed and payment is done prior to the shoot. Under 18’s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.