Hiring a wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions of your wedding day. Planning a beautiful wedding doesn’t mean much if you run out of budget and end up booking a cheaper or lower quality photographer with what is left. We’ve all heard the old cliché that your photos are all that’s left of your wedding day. It is not only about reliving the memories for you as the couple, but also tells your wedding day story to people who could not attend. Your album becomes a family heirloom for generations to come! 

It’s ideal for you to build a great relationship with your photographer, as I will be spending more time with you on your wedding day than you will with your spouse. If you have to choose between more than one photographers’ work you like, meet them over a cup of coffee – if you don’t feel comfortable with them your photos may suffer, no matter how good they are. If you are uncomfortable on your wedding day, the photos reflect this immediately. You want someone who works well with you, and will make your family and friends feel comfortable too.

Apart from their personality, here are some frequently asked questions every bride should be aware of before they consider booking a photographer:


Q: Do you have backup equipment?

A: As a professional photographer, we pay hundreds of thousands to buy the best equipment to give YOU the best images possible. Utmost care is taken to clean and check equipment before and after every wedding. Reality is that cameras are still mechanical and electronic devices, and just like your cell phone or television set, they can let the owner down without warning. Because your day happens once, it is important to have backup equipment available in the unlikely event that any piece of equipment may fail.

My main camera is currently one of the top cameras in the industry, the Canon 5D Mk III. The camera is able to take photos onto two memory cards at the same time, which creates an automatic backup even before I get to the computer to download your images. I work with different types of fast lenses, radio triggers, and lighting equipment and always have backup equipment available. Where a second shooter is present, there will be up to four cameras at your wedding! For engagement sessions it may be just myself with an assistant if needed.


Q: Do you use external lighting or natural light only?

A: As you may have noticed, I do a mixture of natural light and flash. Both has it’s place at a wedding to create versatile images. Natural light is great for portraits and moments, while I love the classy and modern feel of the off camera flash lighting for the couple shoot. It also allows me to create great light where natural light may not always have the “wow” factor. As a photographer we spend years perfecting our skill at reading light, so we will use what’s best for the situation at the time. My ability to control light when needed also helps take a lot of pressure off the schedule of the day, because life happens and if things run a little late we can continue the couple shoot even in lower light. Flash also allows me to do a short night session before we leave your wedding. These are some of my favourite images and it adds that little something to your album that not everyone else has. Flash also creates dramatic images on the dancefloor, even in the rain!


Q: Will you be photographing my wedding personally?

A: Absolutely! This seems like a strange question at first, but sometimes studios or photographers who collaborate send out the photographer who is available on the wedding date. Always ask who will be photographing your wedding and ask to meet the person and see their work. 

I attend to my clients personally and only in a severe case of accident or illness will a replacement be arranged. I always work with photographers from my professional network and I try to work with the same second shooters and assistants at every wedding, although they may vary from time to time. More information on the worst case scenarios will be discussed in your contract.



Q: Do you work with a second photographer?

A: I mostly work with a second photographer on weddings, unless otherwise specified and priorly arranged. In the event that we agree otherwise, I will hire an assistant to help carry bags, set up lights, etc. to make things on the day run smoothly so I can focus on your images only.



Q: Do you digitally edit your images?

A: I work with the world’s latest and most advanced imaging programs from Adobe to enhance your images to get the best possible quality out of each. I do not manipulate images in a way that the subject becomes unnatural, but rather enhance the image in contrast and colour correcting, minor spot removal, some black and white, etc. Unnatural edits, selective colouring, sepia and over-smoothed skin etc. do not fall within my style. If you have any special requests (within reason) like removing people from photographs it will be discussed and billed separately.



Q: Can I have the unedited RAW files?

A: Unfortunately no unedited digital raw negatives or “blooper” images can be supplied or viewed to ensure you receive the best possible images of your wedding day. You will not ask your dressmaker or florist for the offcuts – photographers work in a similar way, and cut all the less perfect parts to give you the best possible product. You will be supplied with high resolution edited files on disk to print as you require. 



Q: Where are you based and do you travel?

A: I am available all over South Africa and often travel across the country for weddings.  I mostly serve Gauteng as well as the North West Province (Potchefstroom area), and the Cape. International destination weddings can also be discussed. 

Travel is included in most packages. B&B must be provided for two photographers if travelling distance is over a 200km radius (one room with two beds is sufficient).  Flights and car hire will also apply where necessary.

With destination weddings I will often arrive the day before to help ensure that unexpected travel delays do not cause me to be late for your special day. Let me know where your wedding will be and we will discuss the best way. A post wedding session might also be a great idea to add to destination weddings.



Q: How long after the wedding will I receive my images and albums?

A: Your digital negatives will be carefully selected and every image processed with individual attention. Generally all photos are ready within 2-4 weeks after the wedding, depending on the season, after which we wait for the printing company to do their magic with your albums, as well as allow some time for delivery. This is usually done within 4 weeks. A good indication will be to allow around 6-8 weeks for your entire package. If you get married over holidays, especially in December, the wait might be a little longer as printing companies close over the festive season, so please keep this in mind.

You will however receive some “sneak peeks” on my Facebook page within a few days, which you may tag and share while you wait for the rest to be processed. As soon as the images are done and the album goes to print, I will release a full blog post with more images for you to view. Additional orders after the wedding will have their respective lead times according to the nature of the product.



Q: Do you offer a “photo booth” service and how does it work?

A:  The DIY photobooth is a wonderful addition to any reception. It gets everyone involved and always proves to be loads of fun. I have different props available for you to use, but feel free to bring or make your own if you would like something specific. All that is needed is a corner at your venue with a power point, keeping in mind two light stands and a tripod will need to fit in as well. You may also get creative and build your own corner, the web is full of ideas!

The booth runs for around 2 hours at the reception. The photos taken at the photo booth does not form part of your minimum amount photos taken at your wedding and is thus added extras. You may choose if you want them printed afterwards, put in a separate album, supplied on disk etc.

If you are still deciding about the photo booth idea, keep in mind that it must be arranged no less than a week before the wedding as assistants will need to be arranged so that I will be able to give full attention to your formalities while my assistant runs the booth.



Q: What other items do you offer?

A: I offer guest books, canvas printing, thank you-cards etc. Please feel free to enquire should you have a specific request that is out of the norm – I will definitely try and make it possible for you!



Q: How can I get a quotation and check your availability?

A: Please contact me via my contact page or my Facebook page with your confirmed wedding date and venue. This is important, as I often get more than one enquiry per date so it is very hard to move dates once confirmed. You may also specify any special requests that you may have.



Q: How do I book and how much is the booking fee?

A: Once you accept the quotation, read the agreement and you are happy with all the terms, I will request  a booking fee (usually 30-50% depending on your package) which must be accompanied by your signed contract which will also contain all the details of your wedding. Only when I have both, will your date be set in stone and become unavailable to other enquiries. Extras like engagement sessions or other add-ons may be booked and paid separately as they happen.



Q: When is the balance due?

A: Depending on your package, the full balance for your chosen package is due one week before your wedding, and any remaining extras when they are ordered.  If you would like to arrange a payment plan, it can be discussed in advance. However, bear in mind that no images can be edited, released or albums designed and printed before the full amount is settled.



Q: Can my chosen package be customized if I have special requests?

A: Absolutely! Let me know of any special requests you may have and we will gladly discuss and arrange it.



Q: What if it rains on my wedding day?

A: Nature is one of the things in life we cannot control, and rain will not only affect your photography but your entire wedding especially if you have an outdoor wedding arranged. Always have a plan B.

Interiors or undercover areas at your wedding will work well, and we will also take a couple of photos with umbrellas or in the rain if the rain is not too heavy. If you however feel it’s necessary, we can discuss doing a post wedding session to recreate the images we would have done on the day.



Q: Who will be at the couple session?

A: For the couple shoot you may bring along your retinue, where we will take photos of everyone for about 15mins, after which it will be just the photographer and the couple. You may bring a bridesmaid to make sure your dress falls right, help with make up touch-ups etc. Please do not allow any other people, parents or guests who are aspiring photographers to attend your couple session as they will distract you and the entire session will be slowed down, especially if we need to share the time with videographers. You have hired professionals so let them do their job to get the best results.



Q: Are you available to stay extra hours should things be running late?

A: Weddings often run a bit late and I will gladly stay extra hours if you require (subject to availability). Usually this is not necessary because we spend at least 11 hours at your wedding. In some extreme cases where couples request for us to stay after midnight, this will be charged for accordingly.



Q: How do morning weddings work?

A: When you want your photos taken is entirely your choice, but bear in mind that the best light for photographs are an hour before sunset and midday sun is not flattering unless it is a cloudy day. Hence most couples choose to do the couple session a bit later in the afternoon, often after the reception is done. They are also more relaxed in the session as there is no rush and pressure to finish quickly. A good idea is to have touch-up make up handy to freshen up before the session.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!