We live in a digital era but I believe strongly in preserving memories in print form. Technology advances quickly, disks may become obsolete with the years or even fail. In today’s busy life we often download our images on a hard drive or leave them on Facebook, not realizing that none of these platforms are forever and could be gone at any time. For this reason I do not offer disk-only packages.

Wedding albums are a very important part of my product.  They are carefully designed to reflect the story of your wedding. I take care to select the strongest images and design each spread individually with images that work together not only aesthetically, but also tell a chronological story. 

There are some exceptions, but the typical wedding album contained in all packages are 40-50 pages, either landscape or square (couple’s choice), handmade with a glamorous resin and black leatherette cover. Optional upgrades are available on request as well as smaller parents duplicates. These albums comprise of a mix of high quality gloss and matt prints mounted on thick durable board, ensuring they will last a lifetime and become a family heirloom. All albums come in their own box for extra protection.

I keep designs sleek and modern and avoid effects to keep the focus on the images. Below are samples of some of my wedding albums.


300x400mm Album with two identical 270x200mm parents albums and printed disk.

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Inside design samples. Spreads working together as a design by scene.

43-44 gloss33-34 gloss

In this sample, I added a unique touch by scanning the groom’s speech in his handwriting into their album, giving an even more genuine feel! 

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In this sample the bride did a Fearless Bridal or “Trash the Dress” session in her dress after the wedding, adding a few unique and beautiful spreads to the album.

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